Hello all,

The Pope going around promoting his new book.

Here is an intersting article on the pope himself.   Some background information.  It is typically the Church’s position that many things about humans and human nature are typically deemed as evil regardless if it is  natural or artificial.  Such things can range from sex/sexuality/gender to contraception (abstinence as the exception) to cheating to what you have to do to being a Catholic.  Until today because there has been a drop from the thaw of Catholic’s rift.  Now do not mistake me or hold your breath because it is nothing big.  In fact, it is equivalent to barely having your toe out line (all things considered of all the world’s problems in my opinion).  The current pope,  Pope Benedict XVI,   said in his new book that (according to the article),  that “…that condoms are the lesser of two evils when used to curb the spread of AIDS, even if their use prevents a pregnancy.”

WOW AND ASTONISHING!!!!!!   I never thought I would hear the pope say that condom use was alright.  It is the type of news that is no big deal to the rest of the world but huge for the news.  The moral dilemma to the church is preventing pregnancy aka life at and after conception.  Ok  lets back track to basics that since already the church already defines life at (and certainly) after conception.  Condom use is used before conception, so technically before life begins.  To get back to the article, the pope says it prevents the transmission the AIDS virus (which is the exact opposite position it took previously).  Now I admit, I do commend him that he is beginning to realize the importance of condom use and the role it plays in the prevention of the spread of HIV.  But the pope believes that condom use is only exclusive to male prostitutes who do not want to become pregnant and therefore not a moral issue.  Like I said only a toe out of place when saying that condom use is only good at preventing HIV in regards to male prostitutes and less of a moral issue.

But the pope does not arrived to the final realization in this confessional on condom use.  That condom use is not exclusive to male strippers who do not want HIV.  In terms of people, anyone can use condoms or other forms of contraception (beyond abstinence).  This leads to many reasons for their use while still enjoying a part of us that makes us human.  Reasons are different and can vary such as prevention of unwanted pregnancies (and preventing abortion which, for this reason, should be hailed),  prevention of many other STD’s beyond HIV/AIDS, personal reasons, etc.

I feel for the safety of humans, the people (regardless of safe or unsafe sex), everyone should not only have this option, but should not be condoned or condemned for condom use.   It is not immoral or a devious act, but it is moral and taking responsibility for themselves and their partners.  It is empowering a person to make the right decisions and responsibility to do something that is only human.  I only come to hope that this pope and future pope relaxes their current stance on sexuality as a whole because while living in the present, the church is living in the deep past and is currently confusing and hurting so many people.

I do encourage good postings and please do share your thoughts.  Please do not knock or insult anyone as this is a sensitive subject.