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Hi all,

Since there is an ongoing updates and everything from the recent decision regarding the AZ’s bill/ law on the immigration reform.  I am providing 4 different links on AZ central (the online version of the Arizona Republic; the main news paper source Ch. 12 NBC news in the Phoenix area) on the subject:

1.  Click here for another Sheriff Joe Arpaio immigration sweep.

2.  Click here as Gov. Jan Brewer considers tweaking the immigration law.

3.  Click here as AZ\’s image is affected by the law.

4.  Click here as this subject triggers shockwaves across the nation.


Steve Weingarten


Hi all,

I want to make my position clear again.  I consider myself a moderate in the sense of the political view spectrum.  I feel that on financial and foreign policy issues I think more conservatively, while on social issues and domestic issues, I think more liberally.  As I write my blogs, I try to present the issues as unbiasedly as possible, but when I give my opinions on a subject, I tell you what I think as I see it and I try to give every side a chance and to be fair about it.

I just read a story from the Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona’s main newspaper in that valley.  As you can see, it is just a little article just stating again that states Sheriff Joe’s position,  “If your here illegally, it is a crime and your going to jail.”  That is a true, valid, sound theory and argument in law enforcement.  Regardless of public opinion, go with your conscious on law enforcement as long as it follows the law as well (you know the constitutional amendments, internal policy, other by laws, etc.).   But he does pose a comment in the article saying on “‘Good Morning America’ saying he doesn’t know  ‘what the big hype is.'”

Since this article is so short, I will just summarize the article (which I did) and give my thoughts on the subject of addressing his comment of the “Big Hype.”  The “big hype” is in relation to Public Relations and Social Justice in which the ladder is not a cornerstone among conservatives and republicans.  So I can understand why he would not see this law as a “big hype”.  But  let us explore what the big hype is.  The big hype is racial profiling as the front and center issue.  Ok, think of the moment, in Arizona, which “racial group” (racial group by skin color) do you expect in Arizona other than whites,  Hispanics.   There are less Asians, immigrant Europeans, African Americans, etc. in Arizona let alone Maricopa County where Sheriff Joe is employed.  So it is not the easiest case to make when only 1 racial group is being targetted, but in defense of Hispanics, the claim is yes valid.  Hey if your targeting one group with the law, any law, yes it is discrimination and yes that is wrong.  One person of group should fight an uphill battle for equal rights, treatment, punishment, etc. under the law and in a land where we are all considered equal under the law.  One other issue with the passed law (that I will get to in a different bog entry) is having your green card (papers or whatever).  Sure it states yes your here legally for whatever time, but to force legal immigrants to have their papers is equal to Nazi Germany.  How so?  Because Nazi’s forced Jews to carry their papers of their citizenship and stipulating to their “race” as Jews.  A parellel?  I’ll let you decide.