Hi all,

I was keeping track of the Nevada US Senate race with Angle and Reid (and mutely others) because I’m a resident of Las Vegas. I got an email that the subject heading that read something like “Harry Reid won the US senate seat”. So I went to foxnews.com to see what the latest stats were. The latest at 10:25PM PST was that Reid had 50% of the votes (272,201 Votes) and Angle had 45% of the votes (244,629 Votes). And the best part of it was that only 46% of the total precincts were tallied.

Then, it hit me! I thought “Dude, hows that possible?!?!?!?! How can you declare a winner when only 46% of people voted?  That’s not even half.” Yes, Angle has been trailing roughly 35,000 votes at any given time give or take another 5,000 either way. But dude what the heck is going on?!?!?!?!

How can you declare a winner when not even half the votes were counted and the other 54% can have a HUGE, HUGE impact on an election?!

This is so undemocratic, I feel, when you call a winner in an election when not all votes were tallied. It really doesn’t matter who the candidate is or what position is for.  The point of the matter is that every single vote should be counted before a winner is declared and after each one is counted, then the announcement of the winner should be made.  It is equally democratic to vote as it is to declare a winner after all have been counted despite the 24 cable news stations reporting on it.