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And does hell exist?

Hello all,

Just yesterday, on the Fox News channel (the show called “The O’reilly Factor), they had a segment regarding hell.  It started off with “Time” Magazine running a cover story posing the question “Does Hell really exist?”  or something like that.  So he invided a priest to an interview to talk about the subject.  The general consensus between both the priest and Bill is that following the path of god as they believe will go to heaven.  You cannot exlude people (as they use as an example) such as Ghandi or Jews in the Holocaust, etc. just because of Non-Jesus faiths or what have you or lifestyles for being gay.  Because you have a lot of non christian or alternative lifestyles, you shouldn’t exlude them despite being good.  If G-d does, then as put is a monster (not my description here).

But I will correct Bill for a moment (distinguishing the beliefs in hell between Jews and Christians).  I could be mistaken, but Christianity as a whole (and compensate for what you denomination and beliefs) that hell is a very real place and you will be there suffering for all eternity for your sins that you committed (and the suffering is proportionate to your sins).  While Jews on the other hand, do not believe in the christian hell.  To simply the belief, Jews do not have a specific doctrine regarding an afterlife, but they describe that after you die you go into a kind of purgatory where one becomes fully aware of one’s own shortcomings and negative actions during one’s life (all souls).  You are to feel shame for what you have done in life that is considered sinful, etc. and for up to 12 months you will ascend to heaven and god.

That is to set the record straight.

But on a personal note, I am not here on Earth to judge or tell people how to live or what is right and not sinful in that kind of regard.  I will say this though, I do feel that the point of life, and the basic message of religion (any religion and denomination), is to be a good person, do the right thing, be a pillar of the community, help others whenever possible.  Don’t judge, discriminate, etc.  It may not always work out (I’m no exception), but everyone should strive to be the best person they can be. To me, all this is regardless if your sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, age, etc., we’re here for a reason, and God doesn’t make mistakes with anyone.  So go forth and be happy!

So I pose these questions and be respectful in the comments.  Do you believe in hell?  What do you believe will get you there?  What kind of god do you believe in?




Hello all,

I just read an article from Fox News that the 3rd most wanted Nazi was captured in Germany.  According to this article his name is Samuel Kunz.  The article states that “Samuel Kunz, an 88-year-old who has lived undisturbed for decades, was indicted last week on charges of involvement in the killing of 430,000 Jews — after a career as an employee in a government ministry and obscurity in a quiet village just outside the former West German capital of Bonn.”  He was stationed at the Belzec Death Camp located in Poland.  He is accused of “from taking victims from trains to pushing them into gas chambers to throwing corpses into mass graves, a German court said Thursday.”  An interesting thing is that this guy was discovered when documents surface of a retired autoworker in a high profile case in Munich, Germany.  This other NAZI John Demjanjuk is “being tried as an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews as a guard at the Sobibor death camp in occupied Poland. He denies he was ever a camp guard.”   An interesting point regarding Kunz is that he was 20 years old at the time of the Holocaust is that anyone between the ages of 18 and 21 can be tried as either a minor or an adult and the judge still has to rule on this.

On a personal note, I was born and raised Jewish myself, and I’m sure there are some retired Nazis from this barbaric time period, I would like to see these perpetrators are brought before a court so they can be brought to justice.  Frankly,  not only do I want to see them brought to justice, I would like to see them brought to justice in Isreal where the Jewish people can properly try them.  I really do hope that we find them and find out what happens.  I took a Holocaust, genocide and human rights class, and I can honestly say that this was a sick and vile time in human history and every piece of information we find out, we see how the NAZI’s and Hitler especially were sick and twisted in so many ways.  It is truely unfortunate that not only did this atrocity happen, but there is a lot of hate and bigotry that still exists in the world today.  If its not about one reason, it’s for some other reason.  Reasons (or as I like to call them as EXCUSES), include but limited to, religious reasons, sexual orientation, race, gender, sex, etc.  It is ashame that WE AS PEOPLE,  because we are all people/human beings/homo sapiens and we should be able to get along with each other.

So I pose this question:  Despite people having their problems, can we somehow get past our problems and differences and get along with each other?


Source: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/07/29/charges-suspected-nazi-accused-participating-mass-murder-filed-youth-court/?test=latestnews