Hello All,

As we all know, Judge Susan Bolton made her ruling on the immigration bill that was signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer back last April.  Obviously, many are angered by the decision because they felt it was the wrong decision and that they feel that the only stance is to be tough on illegals, so on and so forth.  Here is a blog story posting from the Arizona Republic’s website (azcentral.com) author Sean Holstege who writes briefly on the subject.

I understand everyone’s frusteration feeling that it was the wrong decision because it is viewed as the wrong decision and that they want to express their opinion through letters, emails, voice messages, etc.  And after her decision, those messages overflowed into her office.  But as said by the marshal in Holstege’s writing described that .1% of the letters (although a small percentage) are a step beyond venting an opinion.  This is what caused the protection detail of her.  Although I do agree that people have the right of free speech, but when I feel that this free speech goes beyond that as a credible threats, I do feel that such people making the theats should be investigated and action against them IF, AND ONLY IF, IT IS WARRANTED.  People may not be the biggest fans of lawyers or judges, but threatening and/or worse is absolutely wrong and should not be tolerated.  I do hope that for that .1% of the threatening messages sent to her honor should be taken seriously and should be investigation is warranted.