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Latest DADT update

Hello all,

I waited to make an update on this subject is because I wanted to see what happened and not to raise hopes that may lead to  disappointment.   But the latest update is in this story from (and CNN as well).  But depending on which article you read from fox news they say it was a senate vote 63-33 (CNN says 65-31) that the senate passed the repeal of the law.  This was all contingent on the study that the military did to see if it would be a problem for gays to serve openly.  The majority had no problem.  Though the only real resistance came from those who are already fighting overseas.  I think I read certain that the marines shown the most resistance between the branches (though I’m not total positive here).  But  the thing is that I would not have a problem what so ever having a gay person in public service (firefighter, military, police, other, etc.)

In terms of military, since we are already are in 2 wars, and I feel that it is better for national security for us to have the man power to do so.  Plus we are all Americans who should allow all those who want to be really patriotic for our country  to serve.   I do not feel that there is no reason to not let gays in.




Thank You Fans!!!!!

Hello all,

It has been a while since I logged on let alone see comments.  I want to apologize ahead of time for those who did comment because for some reason, they are automatically marked as spam and I have to go and approve all of them before they appear.  Any suggestions on fixing that (private message or email me)?  And that’s why some of you may see duplicate comments.

But tonight I was going through 50 comments on a few different earlier blog postings on a few different controversial issues.  They were primarily on Gay marriage and rights as well as the immigration bill in Arizona.  I did get overwhelmingly positive support on all my ideas, thoughts, opinions, and perspectives.  It is because of you, the audience, that makes my blog a success.  It is that when you read my blog, I hope to bring some understanding, a fresh piece of insight to your life, and hopefully, that will help you gain a better perspective of yourself and others and to help produce a better world around you of, not only tolerance, but acceptance of others regardless of our similarities and differences and that’s what this blog is about.

I did notices that on a couple comments asked me for suggestions on making blogs (wordpress or others).  Here are a few suggestions, but don’t limit yourself to them.  First thing is to talk about something your interested in.  For example, in my blog, I talk about social issues such as gay rights/marriage (a big interest of mine) or immigration when the Arizona bill was signed into law.  Be well informed about the subject.  Be passionate.  Keep things open ended so invites discussion in a safe environment.  Be honest.    Though keep it readable and not horribly long because some might lose interest after a while.  And from here, go where your blog takes you and good luck!

Since I did recently get a job, I wont be on as frequently, but I will continue to post on interesting subjects,  and I still hope you read and enjoy!