Hello all,

I waited to make an update on this subject is because I wanted to see what happened and not to raise hopes that may lead to  disappointment.   But the latest update is in this story from foxnews.com (and CNN as well).  But depending on which article you read from fox news they say it was a senate vote 63-33 (CNN says 65-31) that the senate passed the repeal of the law.  This was all contingent on the study that the military did to see if it would be a problem for gays to serve openly.  The majority had no problem.  Though the only real resistance came from those who are already fighting overseas.  I think I read certain that the marines shown the most resistance between the branches (though I’m not total positive here).  But  the thing is that I would not have a problem what so ever having a gay person in public service (firefighter, military, police, other, etc.)

In terms of military, since we are already are in 2 wars, and I feel that it is better for national security for us to have the man power to do so.  Plus we are all Americans who should allow all those who want to be really patriotic for our country  to serve.   I do not feel that there is no reason to not let gays in.