Long time no blog so to speak.  But today comes big news within the US.   Today in Florida by a judge there, under the lawsuit filed by 26 states declared Obamacare in it’s entirety is declare unconstitutional and is considered void.   For some articles see this one from fox news and the other from CNN.  It was even predicted from Bill O’reilly a year and a half ago.  See his “Talking Points Memo” at foxnews.com/oreilly:

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Though I do agree that mandating purchasing of anything by the federal government is unconstitutional, I feel this is the kind of thing that falls under “the right thing done for the wrong reasons is still the wrong thing”.  Meaning that there were some good intentions, but done it the wrong way, thereby still doing wrong.  In our democratic representative republic, you still have to still follow what your constituency say you should do and many voted to approve this law.

So with essentially forcing a purchase and essentially a government equivalent take over by buy their version of healthcare is now void, this leaves us with the question of “what should we do to improve the healthcare system we have?”.  Here are a few possibilities:

1.  Do away with disapproving people based on preexisiting conditions.   If healthcare provides do away with this anyone can have access to healthcare.

2.  Have tort reform and interstate competition.  Having people sue doctors for millions and millions of dollars and for a resided of a state buy insurance of only that state (EG Arizona residents only buying Arizona healthcare insurance) is the main reasons why the costs of health care is so high.  Who needs to spend $20 on 2 Advil while the same 20 dollars could buy 2 150 pill bottles of the same exact generic version at a Walgreens.

3.  Increase the amount of money that is capped with medicare/ medicare to help those who need government assistance so those who need it has access to it.

These are a few but essential reforms to health care.  All of which can be done as individual bills or as a bundle pack together.  This three at least will create REAL reform without having to increase the deficit, creating entitlements when it’s not obligated to mandate, and something that is highly encouraged.

I do encourage this rather than a government take over.