Hi all,

I wanted to post a link that I feel is an outrage of the week (maybe outrage of the month).  I fairly found out about and viewed the following link on youtube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDceBHOgm6A&feature=player_embedded .  Pretty much, this is the second in command of the Mormon church (the same church that horrifyingly supported the repulsive Prop 8 in California in the 2008 election).  This speech/sermon/hate speech he was referring to homosexuality (funny considering he never specifically to homosexuality/gay etc.; could he really hate it that much? [retorical question]).  I feel that this kind of hate and bigotry is repulsive and sickening in the worst sense for people who are suppose to be the men (or women of g-d and the cloth of their religion) to allow their hatred and bigotry to their members to “spread the hate around”.

This is not just the worst part of the story, this hate speech/ sermon comes following several gay teens committed suicide.  This is affirmed by an weekly email from the Human Rights Campaign that says “…in the wake of multiple suicides of gay teens who were “bullied to death,” the second highest-ranking official in the Mormon Church told an audience of millions that same-sex attraction was “immoral and impure” and can be “overcome” – something the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association both say is harmful.”  Showing that many, if not, the top people of the Mormon church that using religion and their positions are harmful and are harming those who are still coming into their own in their sexual identities. Religion is one of the things that people find as a really personal thing and for a really personal thing to tell someone that they are sinful, bad, wicked, immoral, and unnatural for them just being themselves to the point where they do commit suicide is so wrong and completely the opposite of the “message of g-d” that these people should not be even preaching let alone running a church and guiding people of their religion.