Hi all,

My grandfather and I were talking about appearances on jobs the other night and we have an agreement.  We were both were watching for the local news (and extend it to any news) and obviously we saw the person sitting at the “news table” or what ever its called and obviously he was wearing a suit shirt, jacket, and tie.  He and his coworkers were wearing the same stuff and he is probably (I’m guessing and assuming) suit pants, shoes and socks.  Women wearing a nice dress or their equivalent clothing and probably high heal matching shoes.  And for 9/10 or more  of total jobs require some sort of suit-wear  to wear while on the job.

Now there is a certain logic and one of which makes perfect sense.  It is to have some sort of uniformity and to distinguish yourself to the  customer/ audience you are catering to can recognize you and address their concerns or whatever concerns your job addresses.  It’s certainly one thing to dress in a full on suit at a CEO job or a Police street uniform if you’re an officer walking the beat, etc.

During college (which I graduated in 2009), I had 2 primary jobs.  One was at a movie theater (work ranging from concessions to usher to box office and door)  and a grocery store (as a bagger and getting the carts from the parking lot) both in Tempe, near my college and the jobs were the entry level at the bottom most level.  Essentially I had to wear the same type of work cloths.  It was a dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes and socks.  The movie theater add a bow tie, cummerbund and suspenders (and supervisor trade the cummerbund and suspenders for a vest) in which the theater chain was going for that “conservative look” and both jobs I had a name tag.  Now this is kinda the point that I’m making for working.  I felt working at those places at those jobs, I really did feel like I was over dressed for those specific positions which was pretty much a suit minus the jacket haha.  I feel that of the 90% of jobs that requires pretty much a suit (with or without vests, jackets, and such) can be done with more formal casual clothing.  The 2 jobs I did work at (especially in Arizona’s heat) you can get away with wearing  khaki colored pants, nice matching shirt (with or without a color) and nice shoes/socks.

I feel that many jobs such as the ones that I worked at and many equivalent jobs (especially as you gets closer to entry level) you could get away with wearing formal casual clothing because otherwise it would be over kill and over dressing.