Hi all,

Here is an article written by the associated press posted on Arizona Republic’s website azcentral.com.  It is a short article about how the Republican Party in Montana wants to pass a law making HOMOSEXUALITY ILLEGAL.   It is outrageous and prosperous.

To me, and this is my opinion, I do not understand how on a basic level people can hate other people for one reason or another.  Ok,  people may disagree with someone on a topic and even agree to disagree about something.  Ok,  you may not like someone because you may not like something about the other person.  But there is a difference between that and lets say discriminating against an entire community.  Someone telling lets say an interracial couple is wrong, so why not send the message that saying loving someone of the same sex is right.

If this asinine legislature passes,  I hope that all the gay persons in Montana (esp. the ones who are out as gay/bi/etc.) move out of the state into an area and state more gay friendly.