Hello Everyone,

I posted an article earlier this year in 2010 that the subject is about Political correctness and if America is an “-ism/anti-” America.  Click here if you want to read it.  But just to summarize, I did say that we are an “-ism/anti-” in the sense of actuality or preception that what you do or say offends others.  If you do not like “what ever religion, then your anti- “what ever religion”.  If you do or say something against women, then your a sexist.  If you are not for gay rights, then your a homophobe,   In terms of Political Correctness, it is a way for us to do or say anything that makes everyone happy and non offensive (which I also say is impossible because it is impossible to make everyone happy or non offensive with every word you utter or every movement you make) regardless if it based on actuality or on perception.

Here is a video on Today’s O’reilly factor (August17, 2010) on his Talking Points Memo reiterates this point:

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As we all know that the issue of the mosque that has been proposed to be built 2 blocks from Ground Zero.  The issue of it was blown up more when President Obama said that he supported freedom of religion and supported that anyone can build a religious house of worship provided it complied with the law, even in lower Manhattan on private property.   Then later he said that he wasn’t commenting on that mosque in that specific circumstances being near ground zero (and to his credit, he never specifically said that mosque, but he certainly came close  to it saying).  As with perceptions go, it gives the impression that he did support the mosque’s location.

Now as stated in O’reilly’s talking point memo, that for those who disagree with the mosque’s location or find it inappropriate , the far left are accusing  opponents of the mosque’s locations as  being anti Muslim even going as far as saying stuff like opponents think Islam/ Muslims are evil,  labeling them as terrorists, and even saying that opponents are no better than the terrorists that attacked us just because they do not believe in religious freedom (as a few clip its have shown on the Talking Points Memo).

Think of it this way that this proves my point.  That no matter where you stand (using the Mosque as an example), there is always the PERCEPTION OF  being whatever-ist (-ism) like being a racists or sexist or anti- whatever (being anti- muslim or anti-gay) or being a bigot of some kind.  For example, the pro- mosque group is being accused of being ANTI-AMERICAN and slapping New Yorkers as well as the victims of the 9-11 attack and the opponents of the mosque are being accused of being ANTI-MUSLIM plus being accused of being evil and terrorists by themselves (as baseless as this is).

I will not give an opinion at this point on the mosque situation, but I will reiterate the point on labels on both sides that prove my point that there is always an anti whatever mentality in America about everything, that if you think or say or do something, even if a perception, you are labeled as that.  And that label is really hard to shake off.  Despite me trying to be as fair as possible to both sides of an issue and not hold it against anyone, I do admit that I have thought negatively of those who opposed gay rights even if misplaced.  And many of these accusations are misplaced and are apart of Political Correctness that does not make anyone happy or produce anything positive what so ever.  I do wish and recommend that we get past Political correctness, stop labeling and start getting a long and producing acceptness and inclusiveness.