Hi all,

I read an article from Arizona’s news article online from AZCentral.com about the latest development from gay marriage and prop. 8 in California.

The main update really pertains that the Pro Prop 8 (prop 8 defenders/ supporters, the defendants in the January trial, etc.) side of the aisle during the trial are in fact appealing the decision, which is to be expected, had extended the block preventing gay marriage until roughly the New Year or so.  The motion was filed and the appeal process on this case is to begin on December 6, 2010.  They essentially ask “why rush until this is resolved?” and the block was extended.

As even stated that many top officials such as the state attorney (who was on the plantiff side arguing the case) as well as the govenator agreed with the Judge’s decision overturning the evil proposition.  To quote part of the article (giving some perspective to both sides), it says, “Plaintiffs’ lawyers and San Francisco city officials maintain the Proposition 8 campaign no longer has a legal right to even pursue an appeal to defend a state law that California’s top officials refuse to defend. In Monday’s court papers, Proposition 8 lawyers said it was particularly important for them to be allowed to appeal Walker’s ruling and defend the law when ‘elected officials refuse to do so.'”

I do feel that, as much as I disagree with it, that Prop. 8 supporters have every right to appeal this decision, but it isn’t necessary to block marriages of same sex couples until the decision has been made.  I feel that since the law that voters pass has been revoked and that Judge Walker did give a week for an appeal TO BE FILED, that same sex couples should be allowed to marry and whatever happens with the appeal’s decision should be taken care of then.  I do admit that the appeal’s decision to extend it has some logic in the sense, if the Judge Walker’s decision is appealled then no gay couple can marry, then nothing changes.  But I still strongly feel that gay couples should marry asap.

If you want to see my blog that I did for a class of mine from the Summer 2009 on the gay rights movement, look at lawandorderking.blogspot.com .