Hi everyone,

Now from time to time I have a good discussion with a friend of mine.  These good discussions that we feel very passionate about involve politics.  Funny thing is that it is not necessarily about the issues, but our own views on politics.  Now we were both born and raised in Chicago and he is in college in California and I graduated in 2009 from Arizona State University.  He is certainly a liberal, democrat.  I am a registered independent, and I really do consider myself a moderate.  I consider myself a moderate in the sense I do agree with conservative ideas more so on financial and foreign policy ideas.  On the other hand,  on social and domestic issues.  But I do not go far astray being a loon on either side and I do NOT consider my friend a loon at all.

We all know that (and correct me if I’m wrong), in a extremely dimple and general sense, that liberals believe in bigger government, more spending, fighting for the underdog/lower class, so on and so forth. On the other hand, conservatives believe in smaller government, financial and personal responsibility and probably even catering to the upper middle class and above like the richer classes.  Liberals are more in tune with social justice and conservatives are more in tune with foreign relations and policies.

Now the thing is that I get easily frustrated is that when we are talking about political issues, is that I am criticized for thinking conservatively when I never said I was conservative or identify as one.  Sure I do think more conservatively, yet I by far do not identify as one (as I said).  I feel that it is up to an individual to subscribe to the ideas that best fit their political believes.  If I feel that I am a moderate by divorcing myself from the issues, look at both sides of the issue, and make up my own mind, and elect and have my own opinions based on what I know, that’s how I feel I am a moderate.  If my friend is liberal looks through that paradigm and agrees with it, go for it no problem!  I don’t care if someone makes an observation saying you are more liberal or conservative than I feel, fine, but to tell someone that they’re conservative just because you think more conservatively than someone else and such bothers me because I don’t feel that just because you think more liberally or conservatively than another that you are automatically a liberal or a conservative is to presumptuous.

Now,  I do pose this following questions:  How do you consider political views?  Is it assumed that you are automatically a liberal or a conservative just because on your philosophy?  How do you define conservationism and liberalism?   And what parameters and variables make up a conservative or a liberal person or philosophy?

Please feel free to answer and I encourage all answers and explanations.  Please do be respectful of others answers.