Hi everyone,

I wanted to make a short post on the illegal immigration problem.  Now I want to make some quick points here.  First, every country around the world has illegal immigration problems.  We are not the only country that some people want to move to.  Secondly, we in the United States have 2 borders, with Mexico (though with more activity with drugs and what not) and with Canada.  If we go out of our way to plug up the border with Mexico, we would have to do the same thing with Canada along the northern states plus Alaska (a lot of money all around).  If we create a wall (with or without technology), illegal immigrants are going to find ways to go above it, below it, and through it in some way or another.  We have a lot of illegal immigrants from all across the world come to America.  We have illegal immigrants from African countries, Europe, Asia, South America, and I’m sure from Australia  as well.  And lastly, no matter what you do with the border, illegal immigrants are going to find their way into the target country (I’m not saying give up, but I’m looking at the reality of the situation).

Here is my opinion on the subject:  I consider myself as a moderate (completely in between a liberal and conservative and I am an independent not a republican or a democrat so my ideas are completely alligned with one side’s aspect or another).  So I do feel like many conservatives that if you are illegal, then you should not be here, but I do not agree on the other hand to solely target hispanics (like in Arizona) just because they are the most apparent people who are being “rounded up” in the one state.  So I understand both sides of the issue.

So what do I propose as a solution?

Well, I do have a thought that will make each side liberals and democrats somewhat happy and conservatives and republicans happy.  Kinda like splitting the difference.

Ok.  Lets pretend (and I am going to make up BS numbers for arguments sake), that we let into our country 4 people from hispanic countries, 3 from African countries, and 3 from elsewhere per 10 people per year.  And let us pretend for arguments sake that there are 24 people here illegally from each of those countries.  So to appease the left, I say ok for those 24 people per category. let us give them amnesty (not including those who will come in after amnesty is given).  But to appease the right, we shall completely close the borders that will compensate for those who received amnesty.  For example, we shall close the border for Hispanic countries for 6 years (24 people/4 people per year= 6 closed years of no immigration) and for African countries and other countries for 8 years (24 people/3 people per year= 8 years of closed borders)  (and this does not prevent the usage of political asylum).  But this needs to be adjusted to accommodate the actual numbers.  This way both sides can get what they want and not have to worry about politics.  But the problem remains that the border still needs to be secure and fund that and do it properly.

These are my thoughts.