Hi all,

After the super bowl, there was this interesting show that I saw that I never otherwise would watch.   It is a show entitled, “Undercover Boss”.  Simply put, the entire episode revolved around the president/ CEO of a company (in this one episode Waste Manage”) would go undercover in the different areas of his company.  In his case, he did one day with recycling, one day collecting trash, etc.  He wanted to know how they worked, the working conditions, in other words, what they went through everyday and see what can be improved with his company.

I first want to say congratulations to the companies who actually do something like this not to mention when something positive becomes of it in any way what-so-ever.

But my input of this is that every company in the US should do something like this because being on top, they seem disconnected from the rest of the company (assuming it’s a big company).  They may want productivity, efficient work habits and practices of their underlings, etc.  But they really do not know what you do everyday and what really goes into it.  In this episode, there were a few things that I feel would come about it and the President/COO definitely would do things differently.

Now here’s my reaction to this.  I worked at Safeway and Harkins Theatres in Tempe, Arizona during 3 years while I was in college.  I must tell you that working there was a tough job.  In the sense of physical/mental/emotional exhaustion.  It was tough making ends meet with groceries (since I lived in the dorms and my dad paid for my college).  It was more exhausting walking from place to place in the heat, with school work with at least 12 credit hours a semester.  It was one of those jobs that was strenuous.  Although the managers were aware of what the job entailed, in my experience, they just never seemed to make life any easier.  I feel that these CEO’s should go undercover and get to know their employees and see what kinds of policies they want and see how they can improve their company internally so it can be the best it can be.