Hi all,

I saw this article, about the prop. 8 trial in California recently in the LA times, entitled “Proposition 8 Trial Turns its Attention to Children” by Maura Dolan, at the following website:   http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-prop8-trial16-2010jan16,0,4135684.story?track=rss.  As we all know, the trial of Proposition 8 in California, challenging its constitutionality, is under way.  As we all know, I do hope that it will be overturned.  There were recent testimony on the subject regarding the affects of gay parents may have on their adopted children.

Before I start summarizing the article with some facts and my viewpoints on the subject, let us review the situation with gay couples and children.  It is believed by many opponents of gay rights/ marriage (may the excuses be religion, hate, discrimination, homophobia, people who believe in strict and literal traditional values without deviating from them, etc.) all feel that there are harmful affects on children when adopted by gay parents.  Some may wonder, what possible negative aspects can there be when 2 parents want a family when the children (thousands in the foster care system) may not otherwise get the opportunity?  Well, the people agreeing with this thought process feel that, of all things, if you are not straight, then you are at (or at least near) the top of the sin list an somehow its wrong that somehow you are choosing it and that is deviating away from tradition.  Furthermore, you are radicalizing society to the point that “you are spreading the gay around”.  I DO NOT HOLD THAT VIEWPOINT AT ALL.  This is their viewpoint though.  But here’s the thing with the “spreading the gay around” argument that they are using to show that it is deemed bad for children.  The article does point out, reasonably so that children who are raised by gay couples are subject to teasing because most families do usually have 1 mother and 1 father.  I can reasonably see that point.

But Michael Lamb, testified to the opposite.  He reviewed several studies and testified that there was absolutely no proof that gay parents turned children gay, malajusted, and actually have less sexual stereotypes than those raised by heterosexual parents.  He testified to this regardless of being called a “…committed liberal”.  But this leads into another point, just because you support gay rights and marriage, does not mean you are liberal.  There are many conservatives and religious people out there that support gay marriage.

My view:  just stop hating others and accept one another.  We are all human who want the same things and feel the same emotions.   Make love not hate.