Hi all, 

I would like to take on a sensitive subject.  In this blog, I will talk about death.  Not just about death in general. But the right to take your own life.  Now I am sorry for those who may read this because this may have affected them in one way or another.  But I would like to share my thoughts.

On one side, for those who are drawn to this dreaded place, it may be for certain reasons.  It usually is emotionally based.  It may be because they are depressed, life is not worth living, or other reasons that may be different for others.  But on a similar note, there are those in the world who have terminal medical conditions.  Some people may have terminal cancer, full-blown aids, those who are in a permanent vegetative state without the possibility of recovering.  In such cases the person or the guardian may decide that the they (or them) are better off to not prolong their suffering. 

On the other hand, we live in a world in which we value life and want to keep it as long as possible.  We live in a world where death is a taboo and something that we should not acknowledge, talk about, keep hidden, etc.  It is not at the forefront of society because of the uneasiness of it.  It is something we do not want to deal with and we do not want to suffer because of their problems, feelings, etc. that brought some people to that.  To this group it is harder to deal with the aftermath (which no one wants to deal with), than the events leading up to it (which also no on wants to deal with).  But as long as life is preserved as long as possible. 

I feel that we have a critical decision on suicide.  I feel that at the very least, it should be legal for medical patients who are terminal to peacefully die with dignity.  It is more harmful to prolong suffering than it is to end it and should be recommended by doctors who know medicine.  But it is difficult to make any kind of decision about suicide outside of the terminal illness sphere.  Because it is ultimately their decision and not finding a solution to resolve their problems.  This is where I feel you can come in and comment to decide if someone should take their life outside of having a terminal disease.