Hi all, 

I read an article this morning about a women named Miep Gies.  She passed away recently at the age of 100 in the Netherlands from an apperant.  The question is:  “why is Steven writing and sharing this?” She is the same women who hid Anne Frank and family in the annex during a 25 month period from June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944.  Anne died in the Bergen-Belsonconcetration cape in March of 1945, 2 weeks before the camp was liberated.  Since Anne and after WWII, she dedicated her life to fight for tolerance and against Holocaust deniers (those who deny WWII ever happened). 

One this special note, I may have never heard of her (to my recollection), but I do support this cause of making sure that every person not only tolerates others, but accepts them.  Also, I do support those who deny or minimize the Holocaust.  The thing is that the evidence is overwhelming that all the reports in WWII did in fact happen.  But there are those out there who deny that it happened or minimize the events (claiming that photos were doctored or 12 million people including 6 million jews were killed). 

I personally do not in anyway see any reason to be intolerant and unaccepting of others.  I feel that we are all humans, we have the same feelings, similar ways of experiencing and think about things, etc.  For those who cannot and/or will not accept and tolerate others have no place on this earth because they do not appreciate differences among the human race.  I do not think that holocaust deniers or minimizers have a place either.  If you can say that such atrocities in the human race like the holocaust or slaver for example, than you really do not appreciate or like other humans.  I do not feel that these people should be able to say such lies when the evidence is overwhelming against it.