Hello all,

This section, I will tackle the of war criminals with domestic rights.  I am going to apply this topic to the US.  For some time now, it is discussed in the US that war criminals from the War on Terror or Iraq should be tried on American soil in regular criminal court. 

There are those that argument who somehow think that war criminals being detained by America should have rights as Americans.  They somehow think that it is a fair and proper way to deal with punishment aspect of our enemies.  Even in some senses, it may even heal those affected those by the September 11 attacks.  It goes to a crazy notion that our rights extends to noncitizens.  I’m sorry I cannot give a true picture of this argument, it is absolutely absurd.  It was just hard enough just to say that. 

But to kick those idiots to the curb.  As I just said, this is absolutely ridicules and absurd.  Meaning this, if you are at war, detain enemy combatants, and are not legal citizens, why would you mirandize them and try them in civil criminal court?  It’s like saying that when I get bullied, my mom punishes the bully.  The bottom line is this:  They are illegal war criminals that do not have the same right as us and should be tried in military court by a military tribunal.  I think its wrong to treat terrorists like this because, I feel, it is exactly what they want.