Hi all,

In this blog, I will talk about a subject that I feel very passionately about.  It is the subject about the struggles of the GBLTQ community.  Over the summer, I had to write a separate blog for my social protest, conflict, and change class at ASU.  For of a history and insight on my blog see:  http://lawandorderking.blogspot.com/ (if you choose to contact me, please do so via commenting on this blog).  But with that information in mind, I will just simply summarize the issue in this blog with both sides about the issue.  I will give my opinion on the subject and what should be done that could be resolved.  While reading this blog entry, keep in mind that the GBLTQ community is seeking rights on all fronts, but the right that is at the forefront of the issue is marriage.  I will use gay marriage as an example, but I do extend my feelings and arguments to all gay rights.

Those who do not believe that same-sex couples should not have the same rights as heterosexuals do believe this for many reasons.  But if you look at their arguments, there are some common threads.  First, there is what they call tradition.   They claim that the traditional family is a husband and wife with kids is the only way to have a family despite the fact that there were gays throughout history as well.  They claim that if you go beyond this strict traditional model, then it will so radicalize society just because you allow gay marriage/rights.  The second main argument is an umbrella argument to many smaller arguments.  That reason is, and you guessed it, RELIGION.  Most specifically (in America), is Christianity such as the Mormon faith and other fundamental or evangelical Christian groups.  When I talk about fundamental or evangelical, I mean that they are really right-wing religious groups who take the literal word of the bible.  When you hear reasons (or excuses to up hold the religious argument), you hear that they would say, “it bad for your soul”, “it’s a sin (ignoring that being human is sinning)”, the bible or god said so, etc.  Other reasons my include that they cannot reproduce, it is unnatural (this is with religious overtone), homophobia, etc.

On the side of reason, there are many people who support gay marriage.  On this side of the argument, they you have people (or at least those who support equality to same-sex couples in America) feel that same-sex couples in America have every right to wed in this country that we love so dearly.  Ok for the purposes of this blog, you can call marriage for gay couples “marriage”, “civil unions”, or what have you.  The argument is this: every person regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual/gender orientation, or anything else that makes us humans different.  In terms of the GBLTQ community, this culture should have the same rights that straight couples have like hospital visitation, joint tax returns, adoption for both people, etc.

My view:  If you read my alternative blog, you would know that I am in complete favor of same-sex marriage.  I see absolutely no reason for this inequality.  I understand that there will be some dislike between a majority group to a minority group and vice- verse, but there is no reason to suppress an entire group of people just because you do not like them.  For all of those people who talk about the reasons they disapprove of same-sex marriage like the popular ones named above, should be ashamed of themselves and they are, I feel not human beings without a soul or a heart.  I may not believe in god, but I do pray for them.  Furthermore, I do not find any good reason or excuse for people to discriminate, hate, repress, etc. other groups of people.  It’s impossible to completely hate or completely love every person, but we are all equal people and should be treated as such.