Hi all, 

Today, I will be taking on the organization called PETA.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Before we start, The Merriam Webster dictionary online defines ethics as 1 : of or relating to ethics
2 : involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval <ethical judgments>
3 : conforming to accepted standards of conduct <ethical behavior> http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ethical.  Meaning that ethics is that for it to be a good organization, it has to a) live up to its standards, show that are involved with good conduct and have good approval in respects to its morality.  But the question is “Is PETA is as ethical as they claim?”  I will be answering this question and show that there are not many things that people know about this organization.  I will first explain the animal protection movement not specifically to PETA, I will then explain PETA’s place (the downside of the movement), and my view. 

The animal rights movement has been around for a while.  For the last few years, that I have seen, there have been commercials on TV.  The commercials play that sad sappy music while saying that “a lot of animals are being hurt, abused, or killed behind closed doors like in Michael Vick’s basement, and need to be saved!”  That is just fine and a great pike dream since we has human’s want to keep life, even in other beings, but life ends and sad heart breaking things always happens.  But the point of this topic is animal rights and saving animals.  I think that the philosophy is that we do not want to see harm to any person or animal fine.  There should not be such negativity.  But to give rights to animals (where they would have that responsiblity to support those rights) and making equal to humans is where PETA comes in. 

PETA is an animal rights group that just simply want the complete freedom of animals to have their rights and live as they see fit.  Which runs into the rights with responsiblity logic.  They claim that animal shelters are torturing and killing animals that they are todays “slaves” just because we eat them use medical testing on them, have pets, the Kentucky Derby, animal shows, etc.  In other words, they do not want animals in human captivity.  They feel that anything is morally equivalent to other movements and that their tactics are justified from a tactical standpoint.  Violence, vigilantes, harmful antagonistic protests, threats, and picketing buildings are tactical and not moral issues.  To further getting their point across, they have nasty campaigns like the “Holocaust on your Plate” in 2004 or the “unhappy meals” in 2009.  They even use those horrendous pictures and other visuals to show what they feel is always happening. 

My view-point:  I feel that all animals in human captivity, should be treated humanely, in which, there are federal laws to protect against such cruelty and evil.  But does that prove or mean that PETA’s idiotsy good?  No.  Their campaigns and visuals to the public and a scare tactic to make sure that the public sees their view-point.  How moral and ethical is that?  They support the ALF (Animal Liberal Front) who take extreme measures to free animals such as firebombing medical facilities like a Ray Coronado.  But the thing is that they do not approve medical research, they blow up those facilities.  Because of no medical facilities, there would be no public health or medicine.  How ethical is it to keep public health in the dark ages?  We have so many procedures, cures, vaccines, etc. considering that we do have medical testing.  I keep in mind that “ethical” or “moral” are words that are different from person to person, but generally speaking the adhere to us doing the right thing opposed to the wrong thing and that and have an innate sense to be guided down the right path in life and the life of other human and non human life.  But I do not see PETA taking that path. 

I leave you to decide if PETA is as ethical as they claim.